Youth Global Ambassador: Tim

Journal: “My African Adventure, Atlanta to Amsterdam to Accra” Part Two by Timothy Edwards

DECEMBER 15, 2015- Late Tuesday night the journey began; at 11:30 all the global ambassadors met at a local restaurant and we all said our last goodbyes to our family and friends. Even though emotions ran high as we boarded the bus, we all remained dedicated to our exploration to the Motherland. The journey to Atlanta was tiresome and during the six hour travel everyone fell asleep. After arriving to the Atlanta International Airport, we all were checked for passports and were given our boarding passes. Our first flight was to JFK International New York, the timing on the flight was approximately two hours. After the first flight we relax at the airport until our next flight, which was New York to Amsterdam.

The flight from New York to Amsterdam was sensational; We were able to sample multicultural snacks before the flight and were surprised with a gift box that contained a plethora of items that came from across the globe. Our last flight was from Amsterdam to Ghana, the Motherland, on this flight every member of One Step Initiative became excited because of how close where were to meeting our goal. As we stepped out off of the airplane, we were quickly met by a bus that lead us to the terminal; There our faces were scanned and our Yellow Fever cards were checked, After this we obtained our stamps to enter Ghana’s territory and took our first step on the Motherland.

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