Student Journal: Kyla

December 16, 2016

Cramps, Headaches, Dizziness it all began when we first arrived at the Delta Airport in Memphis, TN at 5:00 A.M. Thursday morning. All the students were half awake and held lots of luggage. For us, hugging our family goodbye was when reality struck us because we realized we were really about to get on a plane and live in Ghana for 2 weeks.

When we began to walk to the shuttle, I was excited. I could feel my heart beating fast, and my smile was permanent. I have never been on a plane, and I have never been out of the Southern part of Tennessee. However, I saw the size of the plane, and I was immediately terrified. The cool air ran up and down my spine, but I tried to keep cool, for the chaperones peace. Honestly, the only thing that made me board that plane was the fact that we had already spent so much money to get me thus far. I wasn’t going to let my mom down. Once we boarded the plane, I discovered that I was given a window seat. I wasn’t too eager to be able to see how far I was in the sky. I was so convinced that the plane would crash that I texted all my friends and family “for the last time.” Thinking about my fright now amuses me. When the plane took off, I cried. I couldn’t feel the friction of wheels scrubbing the ground, and that made my heart hit the ground. I cried all the way up to the sky. Once the flight attendant announced that the flight was only 43 minutes, I calmed down. Then I felt my ears began to pop. That was the only thing I did not enjoy. My head feel like it was being squeezed like a fresh orange. Though it was slightly painful, I gathered the courage to take one look out the window. Then I looked again. Pretty soon, I was looking the entire time and swaying with the wings on the plane. I learned to love the sounds of wind smacking the sides of the plane. I even felt the need to reach out and grab a cloud. The other two plane flights went by smoothly. I am glad that I did not let fear hold me back because it was a beautiful sight to see what God has created. I am very thankful for the opportunity, and I know that this a learning experience that I will take back to my family and friends.

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