Student Journal: Tekia

December 16, 2016

When I first started to pack I began to feel afraid. I was nervous to travel to a different culture than the one I grew up in. I first realized how brave I was when I first made it to the Delta airport. I knew then that there was no turning back and I had to get on the plane. As a first time flyer I felt very emotional but motivated. It was emotional because it was my first time flying and I wasn’t going with my family. It was motivational because the others around me was comforting and told me everything would be ok. The day before the flight I didn’t get any rest. I decided that I would stay up and make sure that I had everything packed and that I would sleep on the plane. As I was walking on the plane my heart drop. I felt as if I was already far from home and my family. I had to continue to be brave. When I first found my seat on a plane I was sitting by a man that I didn’t know. I wanted to ask so many questions, but I sat quietly. As the plane begin to move I began to go into shocked. I couldn’t believe I was on a moving plane after watching so many bad things happen to planes on movies. Once we got in the air I began to feel better. My blood pressure had gone down and I was ok. Once we landed in ATL from our first flight I viewed many different stores then what I was used to. During the second flight I felt like I had already experienced the plane ride so now I could get some sleep.

After hours of constantly waking up, cramping-up, and moving around we finally arrived at JFK, New York. The airport was like a mall it was so beautiful. On the third and final flight which was the international flight I felt more experienced. Once I entered the planed I was much different from the first to flights. I was much better and with television. What I like most about the international plane was that we could choose anything we wanted to watch while been served. I got plenty of rest on the 10-hour flight because we had an entire day ahead of us in Accra. At the end of the last flight It began to feel a little rocky because of the turbulence. Everything had started over I became to feel extremely terrified. After I realized that I was ok and that everyone was in good shape I continue to feel comfortable.  After that great experience on the planes as a first time flyer, I could say that I really enjoyed myself and I would love to travel more.

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