Student Journal: Tadariel

Cape Coast Castle Dungeons

December 20, 2016
Cape Coast, Ghana

During the visit of Cape Coast Castle, I learned enlightened and empowering information that will sit in my conscience for a lifetime. Something that really caught my attention was when the tourist Sebastian said “Don’t let anyone look down on you and don’t limit yourself” and before he spoke those words, he explained the hardships and cruelty OUR ancestors faced then he ended the presentation about those brave slaves who didn’t give up and also survived, what others couldn’t bear. Secondly, I couldn’t completely grasp the concept of Europeans being Christian based due to the fact of them treating someone poorly who played a major role in the society even to the world. As I already knew that Africans weren’t the first historically unique group of people who were labeled as servants or slaves, I learned that they were purposely chosen because they were good farmers and could work long periods of time, they were immune to certain diseases that were spreading rapidly during that time period, they could also bare both cold and hot weather. This experience gave me a clear understanding that our ancestors weren’t just fighting for their freedom but also me, you & others. It gave me the idea that every opportunity that we receive, we should put it to use.

I was very excited when I went to the Cape Coast castle. I had a visual history lesson on my ancestors. I learned a lot thanks to our tour guide, Sebastian “Kwame.” I saw the rooms with small windows that my ancestors were housed in. It looked horrible! I did not understand how Cape Coast was the smallest castle with the most slaves until Kwame enlightened us. I was very satisfied to see the door of return, especially because I had only learned about the door of no return. The museum was sad. There were chains and iron used for branding slaves, which had to be very hot before being used. I am pleased to have had the opportunity to walk where my ancestors lived, walked, sang, died, fought, etc. I felt good about lighting candles for our ancestors. During the moment of silence, I prayed hard.

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