Seth Dei Invites OSI to Dei Center


One Step Initiative’s 2016 Youth Global Ambassadors met with Seth Dei, philanthropist, CEO and co-founder of Blue Skies. Blue Skies is the largest fresh fruit and juice factories in Ghana. Mr. Dei is also a renowned fine art collector in West Africa who graciously sent a special invitation for our students to visit his art gallery Dei Center sponsored by NYU. Blue Skies is one of the largest agriculture businesses in West Africa, and accounts for over 1% of Ghana’s total exports. Their company currently has several fresh fruit and juice distribution contracts in Europe and are working on potential opportunities in the US. We would like to send a special thank you to Mr. Seth Dei for such an extraordinary afternoon, and to Executive Director Renee Neblett of Kokrobitey Institute.


About Seth Dei

Mr. Seth Dei is a founding Board Member of Blue Skies Holdings (with subsidiaries in Egypt, South Africa and Brazil) and Blue Skies Ghana. Blue Skies specializes in the sale of freshly cut fruits for both local and international markets. Mr. Dei is best known as an art collector, and has the largest private collection of contemporary Ghanaian painting in the country. He created the Seth and Carlene Dei Foundation which in partnership with New York University’s Africa House manages the collection at the Dei Center. Mr. Dei is a board member of several civic society groups, academic and business entities, including the New York University Ghana Campus (NYU Ghana), Foundation for Contemporary Art, (FCA), Ghana Cultural Fund (GCF), Metropolitan Insurance, the Akuapem Community Foundation among others.

He obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Economics from the Cornell University, and studied Finance and Journalism from the Columbia University Graduate School of Business and the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism respectively.
(CDDGH, 2016)

About Blue Skies

Blue Skies has been producing fresh-cut fruit and freshly squeezed juice products for nearly 30 years. The company was founded in 1998 and began by exporting premium quality freshly cut fruit to supermarkets in Europe.

From the beginning the company’s approach differed to its competitors because it believes in ‘adding value at source’. This means the majority of Blue Skies products are cut and packed in the country of origin, rather than shipped overseas and processed elsewhere. This philosophy not only enables Blue Skies to deliver a better quality product, but also helps to generate social and economic development within the country where the fruit is grown. Today Blue Skies continues to supply a variety of retailers throughout the world with exceptional quality ‘fresh from harvest fruit’. It employs over 4,000 people at its factories in Ghana, Egypt, South Africa, Brazil and the UK. (BLUE SKIES, 2016)