Re-Entry Program 2017: The Kitchen Community

As part of the Global Ambassador Re-entry program, One Step Initiative teamed up with The Kitchen Community to launch the Brewster Elementary School Garden Prep Day. This program followed our young adventures first trip abroad, where they learned about the importance of agriculture, organic farming, and sustainability. High school students, kindergartners, community leaders, and parents gathered to prepare garden beds, compost bins, and plan the initial stages of a rainwater collection system in time for spring. Thanks to this effort, the Brewster Garden Club was able to planting in the garden immediately with a new Garden Learning Curriculum this year.

Special thank you to our partner and program manager Marie Dennan for the opportunity to participate in the development of the Brewster Garden Club.

The Kitchen Community builds Learning Gardens in schools around the country. Our Learning Gardens are engaging outdoor classrooms that connect kids to real food, increase academic achievement, and drive community engagement. The Kitchen Community CEO and co-founder Kimbal Musk is an entrepreneur, restaurateur, and the father of three children who have always had access to a school garden. Recognizing that the school environment is uniquely positioned to catalyze long-term change, and unsatisfied with the rate of adoption of traditional school gardens, Kimbal co-founded The Kitchen Community in order to create a replicable, scalable school garden solution.

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