Student Feature: Moses

“What this does for me is open my mind and eyes to an experience that I never imagined happening.”
– Moses Fofana

Moses Fofana is comfortable in the role of a leader. On the basketball court, he runs the St. Benedict Eagles offense as the starting point guard. As an OSI Youth Global Ambassador from Whitehaven, he expresses the importance of being on time and present to fellow Ambassadors for training sessions.

Whitty and inquisitive, Moses is quick to ask questions of the community leaders and business professionals that are engaged with OSI’s ‘Global Pathways to Success’ training program.

“I’ve learned a lot from the speakers about traveling and working internationally by them telling their own stories,” he explains. “All of them have touched me in a good way.”

The opportunity to study in Ghana, West Africa as an OSI Youth Global Ambassador is very meaningful to Moses as a first-generation American. His mother is a native of the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire, West Africa who came to the United States several years before Moses was born. Having never traveled internationally or on a plane, he expresses how amazing it will be to see the land where his family comes from.
“What this does for me is open my mind and eyes to an experience that I never imagined happening,” he says. “I look forward to experiencing how people from another country go about living their lives and how it is different from the U.S.”

A talented athlete, Moses is exploring scholarship opportunities that will assist with subsidizing his college education. In addition to playing for St. Benedict and the OSI Youth Global Ambassador Program, Moses is involved in the Memphis Kings organization through basketball and community service. He looks forward to sharing his study abroad experience with others and contributing to making our community a better place by working with his peers and younger youth.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with One Step.