Student Bio: Rashad

My name is Rashad. I was born in Houston, Texas, on May 3rd, 2001.  I have resided in Houston and in Memphis, Tennessee. I am currently located in Memphis. I am of a single parent household. My mother, Kimberly Speight, is an educator. She is a coach to high school science teachers. My grandparents and…

Donor Appreciation 2015

Our first program was a success because of you! Our team wants to formally thank everyone that supported OSI and our Youth Global Ambassadors.

Youth Global Ambassador: Briyana

“Today is the day that we get to see the king and meet chiefs of the Ashanti Kingdom. This actually occurs during the Akwasidae Festival.”

Youth Global Ambassador: George

“The organization can’t be described in one word, it has given me the opportunity to travel again. It was so enlightening because, there’s so much more than Memphis but you have to take that One Step.”

Youth Global Ambassador: Tim

“OSI is a great program. Anyone who wants to study abroad, to further themselves, and learn other people’s culture, you too should try OSI.”

Welcome Home

To stand in a position to create something that’s meaningful, impactful, and transforms the lives of an entire generation of students has been the ultimate gift.