Study Abroad


OSI is working to build a sustainable increase in the number of minority students gaining international education opportunities. This includes, but is not limited to, underrepresented minorities, economically disadvantaged, and non-traditional student populations. 

Study abroad continues to be one of the most effective and beneficial aspects of experience-based learning. Become a global citizen, make new international friends, and become a stand out on any college/career application all while learning a new language.



Students will be placed with local host families in the region, allowing for additional time to practice their host country and exercise curriculum outside of the classroom. Classes will be held in the mornings, to ensure students are able to participate in cultural and recreational activities during afternoons. Our group leaders and school supervisors are well-trained on where to go and what to do in order to provide the safest and most impactful travel and educational experience possible.



High school students will experience a number of benefits from studying abroad, including the opportunity to: Gain a fresh perspective. Experience a new culture. Learn a foreign language.  Discover new interests. Position themselves for success. Gain confidence in their abilities to live more independently. What do study abroad statistics show about the ROI of a travel program?



One Step Initiative facilitates an interdisciplinary international education development program that prepares students (also called Youth Global Ambassadors) for global leadership, international education and intercultural immersion experiences. One Step Initiative frames learning experiences within the context of cultural exchange and language learning activities. For each travel segment, our leaders integrate a six-month development program along with a student orientation, parent discussion, and debriefing.


Eligible to apply?
You’re on your way!*

One Step Initiative (OSI) brings global education opportunities to the nation’s most underserved high school students.

Selection into the One Step Initiative Youth Global Ambassadors Program is based on the following criteria*:
  • Completed application
  • One letter of recommendation
    (Must be from high school teacher or guidance counselor).
  • One student bio written by participant. Minimum of 300 words
    (Should include student interests, goals, expectations).
  • Meet the minimum age requirement (15-18), 3.0 GPA
    (Measured on a 4.0 GPA scale or an explanation if lower).
  • Current medical history information
  • $150 participant application fee
    (Following interview and OSI Acceptance Letter).
  • Parental involvement

*Subject to change based on custom program and/or adjustments in program schedule.